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The following materials are free to Non-Profit Organizations.  If you would like to download them from e-mail, you will need MS-Word (for text) or MS-Excel 5+ (for spreadsheets).


Glossary of Office Leasing Terms
Definitions of the terms typically involved
in leasing office space.

Sample Lease Analysis
See what a professional financial analysis
looks like.  (Graphs & Spreadsheets)

Restructuring Your Lease
How to recast your lease at below-market rates.

Preventing 11th Hour Surprises
How to protect your interests
with a well-crafted lease proposal.

Guide to Rent Escalation
How landlords use their ingenuity
to increase your rent every year.

Lease Renewal Tips for Non-Profits
A simple, 4-step  that can slash future rent costs by 20-30%.

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