The 10 Most Common
Office Leasing Disasters

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how they happen, and how to avoid them


1.  Facing imminent expiration of your lease, you run out of time to negotiate aggressively for new space.

Planning the Move

2. With negotiations completed, and time running out, you get a draft lease loaded with unacceptable issues.

Preventing 11th Hour Surprises

3.  You find out your broker is also representing the landlord with whom you are negotiating.

Broker Conflicts

4.  You pay for 15,000 square feet, but only get 10,000 square feet.

Loss Factors Demystified

5.  You sign a lease for pre-built space, then get a huge bill for "above-standard" installation costs.

Negotiating the Workletter

6.  Your space isn't ready when moving day arrives, but you get a rent bill anyway.

Negotiating Rent Commencement

7.  Three years into the lease, you find unexpected costs breaking your budget.

Projecting Future Costs

8.  As your organization grows or contracts, you run out of space or pay for space you don't need.

Creating Future Flexibility

9.  Your landlord's operating costs go up 20¢ per square foot  each year, but you pay 75¢ per square foot in "reimbursement".

Understanding Rent Escalation

10.  The bank forecloses on the landlord, but your lease is terminated.

Dangers in Shaky Buildings

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